The Healing Toolbox Program

7 Week LIVE Online Program

Create peace and freedom with us in the Healing Workshop.

For those of you, who have been hurt in a toxic relationship, we lead you to safely step into your authentic self.

Do you feel unworthy or not enough? 

Do you feel empty?

Do you feel stuck? 

We will give you the answers to process agony quickly and get deep healing FAST.

We heartily invite you to join us as we share our best practices.

That kindly, gently, and quickly move you from

  • Confusion to clarity
  • Chaos to reliability
  • Trauma to calmness
  • Pain to freedom

And safely shift your limiting beliefs to experience that

  • You matter
  • You are enough
  • You can get your life back
  • You can reinvent yourself

Are you running the risk of staying stuck or in a toxic cycle?


We are

  • Authors of the #1 International Bestseller I Am: How to Release the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse and Transform Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers
  • Personally experienced with narcissistic and other forms of toxic abuse
  • We are trauma informed professionals qualified in multiple healing modalities
  • We professionally support people on their healing and transformative journey
  • We offer you a hand up, and will hold space that facilitates you in that transformation

Our collective values are

  • Growth
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Trust
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity

Our clients appreciate our collective

  • Support
  • Understanding
  • Validation
  • Clarity
  • Wisdom

By participating in The Healing Toolbox Program you gain tools to effectively support your

  • Sense of self
  • Clarity and peace
  • Healthy boundaries
  • New coping skills
  • Stress management

We lead you to safely step into your authentic self.

What You Get

  • Weekly live zoom sessions with the experts
  • Recordings of live zoom sessions included
  • A supportive community
  • Live mentorship and Q&A
  • Kindle version of 1# International Bestseller I Am: How to Release the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse and Transform Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers
  • Beautiful printable The Healing Toolbox Workbook 
  • Accountability partners (optional)

If you are not seeking to change your life, then this course is not for you.

When you are ready to do something different to create a different outcome for yourself,

Together, we have created a fabulous Healing Toolbox, loaded with practical and easy tools that you can use immediately to support your deep healing.

The Toolbox contains

  • Holistic and Integrative Health
  • Self-love, core values, and boundaries
  • Neurolinguistic programming and constructing supportive habits
  • eHypnosis
  • The Work of Byron Katie®

Begin to experience and trust your own personal voice – perhaps like never before

The Healing Toolbox is a 7 week Online Live Program.

We meet every Thursday from May 12th till June 23rd, 2022, 2-4 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Create peace and freedom with us in The Healing Workshop.

Gift yourself a dedicated YES!

Do it for Yourself, your life, your loved ones, your past, and your future

What is unique about The Healing Toolbox Program, is it brings to you a concentrated version of multiple healing modalities to support you in building the life you desire, to empower YOU to become the Healing Expert of Your life.

To learn from all these experts separately, it would cost you over $4,097 USD.

To make the program accessible for everyone, we are thrilled to offer all this value to you for only $257 USD.

AND for a limited time, benefit from the Early Bird bonus of $60 USD off, and gain the whole package for only $197 USD!

Create peace and freedom with us in The Healing Workshop.

Meet the Experts 

BethAnne Ferris

I was brutally discarded from a 25+ year husband that stole all of our assets and alienated me from all of my children. My recovery started when I was forced to focus all of my attention on my own healing. My personal motto is “Healing Your Life Starts With Healing You”. I am so excited to contribute to the collective wisdom of this amazing group of healers and share it with you! You and your life are SO worth it!

Giselle Morgan

Marital and business toxic relationships suffocated me and burnout overcame me; life left me, became meaningless, and pain-filled. I needed an action based recovery program and learned a different way to be me. My personal motto is: “There is No Failure; There is Only Feedback. When You Do Not Like Something, then You Need to Do Something Different”. I am so excited to share this space with you where we can travel beyond right and wrong and receive the goodness of the experience. I am proud of my recovery and I am thrilled to contribute my skills in The Healing Toolbox Program. The Ungaslightable Woman,

Holly Hartman

I was at the last stages of divorce out of my toxic marriage and trying to heal from the emotional and psychological abuse. My God said “In order to heal, you need to love yourself”; this inspired Solo Date Challenge and I learned, for the first time in my life, how to love myself. My personal motto is: “We Will Love You Until You Learn How To Love Yourself.” I’m excited for you to experience the deep healing that I’ve come to love. I love being a part of this project because we offer different modalities to help you heal and overcome life’s struggles- to go from surviving to thriving in all areas of your life. We’ll meet you where you are and let’s practice loving you!

Jennifer Collett

I was in such a darkplace, overcoming meant shining the light in all the dark spaces. I am excited to teach you the tools for you to light your own path. Participating in The Healing Toolbox Program for me, means providing the support when and how I needed it the most. My personal motto is: “Let’s Light It Up!” I’m so excited to illuminate this path with you.


Tammy Ketura

I was stuck in a toxic abusive relationship in a foreign country and was desperately looking for a way out. I was a foreigner, with no family, few language skills, no money, no home, no employment and a toddler. I had enlisted more than 24 professionals to deescalate the situation, but things continued to implode. Eventually, I found that the way out starts on the inside, and that stepping into a life where everything is happening for you and not to you, is truly possible. My personal motto is: “Serve Yourself Peace and Freedom on Demand and With Reliability.” I am so excited to share my recipe for happiness with you-let’s make pain optional!

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